About Wampatuck

Wampatuck School Mission Statement:
Our mission at Wampatuck School is to work collaboratively with parents and the community to provide a high quality comprehensive student centered, learning focused elementary school experience in a safe, nurturing and welcoming environment. We strive to develop life long learners who possess knowledge, problem solving skills, and the intra and interpersonal qualities of character necessary for all individuals to reach their true potential within today's global society.

Wampatuck Beliefs
“In this school we believe that learning
is a life long adventure.
We believe in facing each day
with minds open to knowledge
and hearts open to love.
We believe in the freedom to wonder,
to ask, to explore, to imagine, and to create.
We believe that success means
doing our best, being our best,
and feeling proud of our efforts.
We believe that every one of us
Have special talents,
and that the talents of each of us
helps all of us.
We believe in ourselves,
in each other, and in

Wampatuck School Overview

Wampatuck is a welcoming and energetic community where students and staff are engaged in learning and parents and community care.  As a school community we are committed to the goal of providing learning experiences that are relevant, meaningful, and customized to the needs, interests, and skills of our students.

At  Wampatuck, we are privileged to have an experienced  faculty and staff who are talented educators committed to supporting the needs of the whole child including his/her emotional, social, academic, physical, and artistic development. Classroom teachers and specialists, meet regularly to gather and analyze student data in order to develop and implement clear and targeted instructional goals and plans.

Pedagogy is delivered at all grade levels using a balance of whole class and small group instructional strategies.  As 21st Century learners, we embrace the integration of technology. In addition to a computer laboratory, Wampatuck School utilizes our portable netbook cart and SmartBoards in most classrooms. Technology is used to enhance learning across the curriculum and provide customized instruction and assessment for all of our learners. With the use of our online math programs, FASTT Math, Symphony Math, and Study Island, our students practice skills both in the classroom and at home.  Language Arts is taught through the use of quality literature and the integration of speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills.  Mathematics instruction provides our students with basic skills and advanced problem solving and reasoning skills. Science, Social Studies, and Health instruction are presented in an inquiry-based manner fostering opportunities for the application of critical thinking skills.

Character Education is an integral part of the endeavors of our school. We make use of a number of programs including Open Circle and Steps to Respect. Our values of Respect and Responsibility “R+R” are reinforced throughout each school day and students are provided multiple opportunities to become contributors to their classrooms, their school, their community at large, and national and global endeavors.

Daily life at Wampatuck School is enhanced by our supportive and active parental support. At the classroom and school-wide level through key organizations such as our Parent Teacher Organization(PTO) and School Council, parents are engaged as team members in enriching their children’s school experiences.

Wampatuck School is a joyful elementary school where students, staff, and parents come together to grow. The needs of children collectively and individually are our top priority.  As a school community, we celebrate this opportunity to be a part of this special time in a child’s life!


The Scituate Public Schools have a commitment to maintaining an educational environment and workplace where bigotry and intolerance, including discrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, homeless status or disability are not tolerated and where any form of intimidation, threat, coercion and/or harassment that insults the dignity of others and interferes with their freedom to learn or work is unacceptable.

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